Important Dates:

May 15th-Notice to teachers of non-retention for Sept. 1st due to excession, termination, or non-granting of tenure

June 15th- Notice to teachers of building assignments for the following year

July 15th- Notice to teachers of probable teaching assignements for the following year

August 1st- Resignation notice to distrcit to qualify for termination pay (except for verfifiable sudden illness or injury)


Attention New Teachers!

New teachers who were licensed after February 2004 are required to log 175 hours of professional development.

Click here for more info on Professional Development log


Teachers licensed prior to February 2004 need to log 12 hours per year.

Be sure to log your hours in My Learning Plan!


Certain Island Trees activities count towards professional development hours, which are required to maintain a Professional Diploma. Click here for list.


Teacher Certification information

Do you know that if you let your certification lapse you could lose your job?

For information on the certification process or requirements visit:


NYSUT Program Services will provide video conferences which detail the NYS Certification process and provide participants with information and resources as well as recommendations on how to work toward permanent certification, initial or professional teacher certification.  Workshops are held at:


      1000 Woodbury Road

2nd Floor

Woodbury, NY 11797 

Phone: (516) 496-2035  Fax (516) 921-2964

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