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Thinking of Retiring? 
NYSUT Pre-Retirement Workshop
Where: NYSUT Nassau Regional Office 1000 Woodbury Road -Suite 214 Woodbury, NY 11797
When: May 24, 4:30 – 6:45pm OR May 25, 4:30 – 6:45pm Pizza and beverages will be served
If you are retiring or considering retirement in the next three years, you are invited to attend the NYSUT Member Benefits Pre-Retirement Workshop. This no-cost workshop held exclusively for NYSUT members is designed to highlight many of the subjects you will face in retirement.
Please note that this is NOT a TRS or ERS-sponsored presentation, and neither retirement systems will be in attendance at this workshop.
Topics include:
· 403(b)/IRA Options
· Social Security Basics
· Tax-Related Tips
· Asset Preservation
· Popular Member Benefits-endorsed programs & services for retirees
Presenters: Derek Clement, CFP® NYSUT Member Benefits and Brian Johnson, Director of New Business New York Long-Term Care Brokers.
There is no cost to enroll in this workshop, but seats are limited!
To reserve your seat, please register by visiting: http://www.cvent.com/d/s5q7h


Important Dates and Information

The following information serves as a reminder, ultimately it is each individual's responsibility to check

the UTIT contract for any and all information.


Important Dates:

January 31: Retirement notice is due to the District in order to qualify

for June 30 terminal pay. The resignation letter must state, "I resign for the

purpose of retirement" effective close of business June 30____. Your letter to the

retirement system should state that the effective retirement date is July 1 of the

same year.

March 1: Written request is due to the building principal to request

intra-school assignment change. Written request is due to the

superintendent to request a transfer to another building.

April 15: Resignation notice due to the District for teachers on

leave, in order to qualify for terminal pay.

May 15: Notice of medical insurance opt out, due to the District.

June 15: Notice of building assignments for the following

school year, due to teachers.

July 15: Notice due of probable teaching assignments, for

the following school year, due to teachers.

August 1: Resignation notice due to the District to qualify for termination pay

(except for verifiable sudden serious illness or injury).


Longevity Pay:

This is paid on the first payroll of December, each year. Employees must

have 10, or more years of service in the Island Trees District.

Step 16 or higher: $1,550

Step 21 or higher: $1,900


Bereavement Days:

5 days for the death of a mother, father, spouse, or child, or brother, or sister.

3 Days for a grandparent, grandchild, or sister-in-law, brother-in-law, or

father-in-law, or mother-in-law.

1 Day for a sibling of the teacher's mother, or father, or a niece, or nephew

(child of the sibling of the teacher).


Extended Sick Leave:

In the case of an incapacitating illness or injury, please see please see Article 20

(B1-3) to determine the number of sick days to which you are entitled.

The ideal number of sick days to maintain, in the event something serious should

occur, is 26 sick days, so that you may qualify for extended sick leave.

Article 20-Sick Leave:
B. Extended Sick Leave. A regularly appointed teacher who has accumulated 26 or more sick days at the onset of an incapacitation illness or injury shall be entitled to absence without salary deduction as specified below. The acceptance of an illness or injury as “incapacitation” shall be made by the District medical board and may be terminated by it upon subsequent examination.
1. A teacher upon exhaustion of an accumulation which is 26 days or greater but less than 60, shall be entitled to be absent for an additional equivalent period without loss of salary.  For example, a teacher has accumulated 30 days of sick pay at the time an injury occurs which prevents him or her working for 90 days. For the first sixty days this teacher would continue to receive full salary; for the next 30 days, this teacher would receive no salary.


Survey: Number of Future Number Teachers Reaches All-time Low

future teachers at all-time low

When Theresa Montaño first joined the faculty at Cal State Northridge, as a professor of bilingual education, her classes were packed with future teachers. “I’d have to turn students away,” she said.

Now, a little more than a decade later, says Montaño, “I’m actually having a hard time enrolling students in my undergrad education classes. And it’s not just my classes, or my campus — this is true across the CSU system.”

It’s true across the United States, too. In a 2016 national survey of college freshmen, the number of students who say they will major in education has reached its lowest point in 45 years. Just 4.2 percent intend to major in education—a typical first step to becoming a teacher—compared to 11 percent in 2000; 10 percent in 1990; and 11 percent in 1971, according to data gathered by the UCLA’s Cooperative Institutional Research Program.

Take those numbers and add them to the poor rates of teacher retention in many public schools, and it equals a serious problem for students who all deserve a “caring, qualified and committed educator,” as NEA President Lily Eskelsen García says.

Earlier this month, Eskelsen García spoke to crowds at SXSW@edu, an annual conference of innovators and educators in Austin, Tex., about the shortage of teachers, especially teachers of color who constitute fewer than 20 percent of all U.S. teachers.

“There’s no question that something must change—and quickly. Baby boomers are retiring and the candidates who could fill their jobs are simply not there,” Eskelsen García wrote in a recent Lily’s Blackboard post.

But the solutions are no mystery, she added.

Increase pay for teachers, she urged. Make college affordable and broaden access to federal loan forgiveness programs for educators. (Senate Democrats’ RED Act would do this: Encourage your Senator to support it.) Recently, NEA Student Program Chair Chelsey Herrig, a future teacher who owes more than $30,000 in student debt, told Senators that she has many peers who would make great teachers, but asked, “Who can afford to teach if they’re tens of thousands of dollars in debt?”

future teachers all-time low


Check out: myeducationdiscount.com

This site lists restaurant, Retail store, and hotel discounts for Educators!

Example: Banana Republic offers teachers and students an exclusive EDUCATORS DISCOUNT OF 15% on full-price items IN STORE.




Full Time Students who substitute teach during school breaks are eligible to join the teachers Retirement system.

Application forms may be downloaded from


The school district must fill out the form on the day you sub.

then the form should be mailed to:


10 Corporate Woods Drive

Albany, NY 12211-2395

(certified, return receipt requests are accepted)


See your building rep for a copy of the New Requirements for Mandated Reporters who suspect child abuse.





United Teachers of Island Trees