U.T.I.T. Committees and the duties for each committee are outlined below. Please note that responsibilities and duties may change at the request and approval of the Executive Board.

Social Committee:

a.     To conduct district UTIT social functions.

b.     A Chairperson will be selected and it will be the responsibility of the Chairperson to:

  1. In the event of the retirement of a member, to arrange for the purchase of an appropriate gift for the Retiree.  The amount of the gift will be equivalent in dollars to the number of years of service times ten.  The gift will be presented at the appropriate time.
  2. Coordinate activities for members.

Public Relations:

  1. To maintain appropriate relations with Community regarding educational activities within the district.
  2. To help administer the UTIT scholarships.
  3. Work with the UTIT website coordinator.

Web Site Chairperson:

a.   Complete maintenance of UTIT website:

  1. Ensuring web server, hardware and software, domain name are operating accurately year round
  2. Monitoring security of website
  3. Interfacing with West Host ISP to monitor upgrades, downtime, invoices etc.
  4. Creating and checking all links

b.     Design of UTIT website including:

  1. Managing and creating all content
  2. Generating, revising, adding web pages
  3. Updating content on daily, weekly, monthly basis as content emerges from a variety of sources including UTIT Executive Board, UTIT Reps, BOE etc.
  4. Creating and posting PDF files for all UTIT forms
  5. Scanning Retiree Digest for posting to UTIT website and updating content from e-mails containing information regarding events and actions.

Welfare Trust Fund Trustees: The Welfare Fund meets when necessary. The trustees are responsible to administer the Welfare Trust for the benefit of the members of the UTIT. This includes reviewing and enhancing our dental and visions plans. The trustees are responsible for the protection of the trust's assets.

Constitution Revision Committee: The members of this committee must solicit, from the membership, suggestions for changing the Constitution, review such suggestions, and make proposals to the Executive Board for changes in the Constitution. Once approved by the Executive Board, the committee must distribute proposed changes to the membership and answer questions regarding the proposals at the general membership meeting. Finally, they must prepare a ballot for voting by the membership on each proposed change.

Election Committee: An Election Committee consisting of two members from each building, who are not on the nominating ballot, shall conduct nominating and election procedure.   The President shall appoint one member of this committee chairperson.  Committee members will serve for a term of two years.  Terms shall be staggered such that each school shall have one teacher in the first year and one teacher in the second year of his/her term at all times. 

Political Action/Vote Cope: Members shall assume the responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution for the Legislative Committee.

Professional Development/Annual Professional Performance Review Committee:

a.     Members of this committee will also serve on the district PDP/APPR and attend district PDP/APPR meetings.

b.     To explore and develop action programs to raise and maintain standards for certification employment and assignment.

c.     To improve opportunities for pre-service continuing and in-service education.

d.     To create and maintain rapport between UTIT and neighboring or closely related institutions of higher education.

e.     Union members of PDP/APPR will make a recommendation with accordance with Section 4.

Health and Welfare Coordinator:

a.  Secure checks from the UTIT Treasurer for any amounts expended for illness, death or retirement.

b. Have available a supply of applications for Mass Cards, Heart Fund, etc..  These are to be used in the event of the death of a UTIT member or a person in the member’s family and any other close relationship.

c. To arrange for flowers or gifts to be sent to the hospital or home of a member if he/she is hospitalized.

d. Make sure Building Representatives are familiar with various forms (i.e.; dental and vision, membership, retirement, etc.).

e. Keep contact with companies whose forms we use to make sure they are current.

Grievance Committee:

a.     Shall implement the grievance procedure as stated in the UTIT contract.

b.     The Grievance Chairperson, upon the recommendation of the Grievance Committee, shall have the responsibility of making the decision as to whether a grievance shall proceed to the third stage.  If the Chairperson decides not to proceed to the third stage and the Grievant agrees, the grievance procedure will terminate at that point.  If the Grievant disagrees with the Chairperson’s decision, he/she shall have the right to petition the Executive Board for a hearing.  Prior to the hearing it shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson and the Grievant to give copies of all pertinent information regarding the grievance to all members of the Executive Board at least five (5) days prior to the Executive Board meeting.  It shall be the responsibility of the Elementary or Secondary Vice Presidents to contact legal services and have them render an opinion regarding the validity of the grievance.  After presentation by the Grievant and the Chairperson, the Executive Board will render a final decision.

Membership Chairperson:

a.  Organize the UTIT portion of the new teacher orientation.

b.     Have on file an accurate list of members.

c.     Distribute copies of the UTIT Constitution to new members.

d.     Maintain an updated list of members with updated addresses and phone numbers for NYSUT along with building code.

e.     To keep in touch with members on leave of absence.

f.       Maintain updated building lists for elections, and provide such lists to the election committee as needed.

g.     Provide Treasurer with any and all updates to building lists as they occur.

h.     Handle all FMLA concerns.

Audit Committee: This committee shall perform an audit of the Treasurer's books for the General Fund of the UTIT, following the guidelines set forth by the AFT.

PTA Liason-Attend PTA meetings representing U.T.I.T.

Administration Survey- Administer the survey of current administration